More Vape Tricks

In our previous blog, we discussed how to complete vape tricks successfully. What is so wonderful about vapes is that tricks are constantly evolving and changing. Tricks are great because they can be challenging and develop new skills in users.
Vapes not only are fun to perform tricks, but they are a healthier alternative to most adult hobbies. For example, smoking and marijuana can alter your consciousness and affect your control of motor skills. But, with vaping, there is no side effects or even long-term health risks. Because you are not inhaling any carcinogens, vaping doesn’t cause cancer and other health issues, unlike smoking tobacco. Vapes are an excellent alternative to smoking and are commonly used by smokers to quit their addictive habits.
Vapes come in many shapes, sizes, and power capacity. You can perform tricks with any type of vape, however, different vapes produce more vapor than others. So, if you want to produce a very apparent and precise trick, you will want a concentrated vaporizer or a smart rig.

Vape Ticks Based Off of “Blowing O’s”

Vape tricks, much like anything else, become more challenging with new innovations and developments. For example, in our previous blog, we discussed how to “Blow O’s.” The trick itself can be difficult, but once you master it, it is not much of a challenge. That is why vaping professionals have developed new and unique ways to build off of basic tricks.

The “Bullseye” Trick

The “Bullseye” trick is very similar to the “Blowing O’s trick. However, this trick requires that you try and take an even bigger pull from your vape. As you pull, you also have to be aware that you will have to hold your vapor and control the amounts you release. The first part of the trick is that you have to “Blow an O.” If you do not know how to do this, see the first part of this blog series. Once you blow the first O, make sure you propel it forward so that it grows as it floats away from you. As the first O becomes larger, take the rest of the vapor in your mouth and form another O. It is important for the second O that you lean in and almost spit the second O through the first one. If the second O makes it through the first and completes its ‘O’ shape, you will have done the trick successfully.

Many O’s

Blowing O’s is a cool trick, but blowing multiple all at once is difficult to accomplish. In order to complete “Many O’s” you need to have a full understanding of the trick. Specifically, you need to know how to move your mouth is small, very fast actions. Second, you either need to inhale a great amount from your pen, or take a large hit from your smart rig. When it comes to this trick, the more vapor, the better the trick will look. The trick is done in a very fast-paced way. All you have to do it take in a large amount of vapor. Once you do this, you need to make sure you pace how much vapor you eject from your mouth. You don’t want to make just one large O, you want to make many. This trick takes time and patience because it cannot be done perfectly the first time. The main idea is that you blow O’s, but very fast. While you are blowing the O’s you will need to place your middle finger in the middle of your mouth and blow out of the sides. At the same time you do this, you need to tap your throat. Now, it is important that when doing this trick you tap the jugular of your throat. Typically, this is the area in which you would check your pulse. If you do all of these steps simultaneously, you will complete this trick.


Jellyfish” is by far one of the most interesting and awe-worthy tricks in the vaping world. If you can do this trick (and do it well) you are sure to amaze everyone. One of the main tricks you have to master is the “O” but specifically the “Flying O.” The “Flying O” is the same thing as Blowing O’s except you push the O forward with your hands. When you push the O forward, the shape of the O gets bigger. From there, you then need to push the rest of your vapor through the middle of the O. If done correctly, the natural movement of the air will bend vapor over the ring, looking like a real-life Jellyfish.

Bending O’s

If you know how to blow an O, you will know how to bend one. All you have to do it take a large pull from your vaping device and make a traditional O. From there, you want to make fast movements with your hand around the O. However you propel the air around the O, the force will naturally maneuver it. Also, if you push the O away from your body, specifically your chest, the rush of air will make the O large. This adjustable sizing is important to master, especially if you want to do other tricks, such as the Bullseye or the Jellyfish.

Bow Tie Trick

The “Bow Tie” is by far the most complex of all the O tricks. Mainly the reason why it is so complicated is that it incorporates multiple movements that have to completed quickly and nearly perfectly. If you do not get all of the steps to this trick done correctly, the trick will not work. The first part of this trick is that you have to blow a decent sized and clear O. Once you do this, you then need you push out the O forward with your hands. It is important that when you push your O, you position it to be in front of your chest, or at least easily reachable. Once the O is executed, you then want to take your two hands and split the O. You want to move the O by placing your two hands on either side of the O and palm-up. In one, fast motion, you want to move your hands quickly beside the O. This will then allow you to split the O in half. As it is in mid-split, you then will need to put your face as close to the middle of the O and inhale very fast. When you inhale, you will close the circle and make two smaller circles. Once you exhale, the bow tie will break off into two equal circles.


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