Learning Vape Tricks

Vaping has become the new best thing since sliced bread. Or at least, it just seems so. Now more than ever it seems like everyone has a vape. Though the trend started as a way for smokers to stop using cigarettes, vape pens have now adapted into a wide range of different devices. Today, you can vape with different flavors of e-juice, with nicotine, and even with pure THC. Not only that, but vaping has adapted the way you vape. For example, vapes can be either used in a pen form or in a larger, smart rig form. This way, vaping can either be an independent form of recreation, or a group social event.
When you vape, you make pulls on your device that heats the coil and creates vapor. This vapor, though it looks like smoke, is not. Vapor has no side effects and does not damage your lungs. Because vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, this makes sense why so many have adopted this form of recreation. Because the vapor is thick and visible, you can see vapor as you are performing the tricks. By manipulating the vapor, different tricks can be performed that show off your vaping skills. Tricks can range from simple to complicated, however, even the simple tricks can take days to perfect. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of tricks you can perform with your vape.

Blowing O’s

“Blowing O’s” is probably the most classic vape/smoking trick known to man and has been seen in many movies. For example, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, features a fun, albite magical, smoke trick. The film, The Mask, also features a smoke trick as well. Though our blog won’t teach you magical tricks like these, we can confidently tell you how to “Blow O’s.” The trick is simple; just take a large pull from your vape and store the smoke in the back of your throat. Then, open your mouth in a circular ‘O’ shape. Before you pull, make sure you settle your tongue at the bottom of your mouth. Once you have the vapor in your mouth, move your tongue toward in a short, pulsing motion. The movement should be similar to a subtle cough-like action. The larger you open your mouth in an ‘O’ position, the larger the ring will be. It is important that when performing this trick, you try and take a large hit in order to get as much vapor as possible, the more vapor, the more visible your trick will be.

The Dragon

“The Dragon” may at first seem like a difficult trick, but with practice, it can be achieved. The trick sounds easy at first; take a long pull without inhaling. It is important to keep the vapor in your mouth and hold it. At once, you need to forcefully exhale through your nose and both sides of your mouth. If “The Dragon” is successfully completed, you will impress your friends and yourself, guaranteed.

Vapor Bubbles

First off — prepare yourself for how cool you will look once you master this trick. The first thing you need to do for this trick is find an empty plastic bottle. In a separate dish, you must mix up a solution of water and hand soap. Mix the solution up so it gets bubbly, this will allow you to blow the bubble extra large. Once the solution is mixed, you then need to dip the end of the empty bottle into the soapy liquid. Once the bottle is coated, you then should exhale slowly through the bottle. As you exhale, you will be able to see your bubble fill with vapor. This trick is super fun to do and even better to watch in action.

The Irish Waterfall

The Irish Waterfall, also known as the “French Inhale” is one of the most popular vape tricks out there. The trick, though it sounds simple, is harder than it looks. Many have attempted this trick and miserably fail. But why? Well, the trick requires intense deep breathing inward. You need extreme control and the ability to inhale for a long, controlled period of time. The first step of performing this trick is taking a long hit from your vape. The idea of the trick is to get as much vapor as you can get in just one pull, without allowing the vapor into your lungs. Once you have inhaled half of your breath, let the vapor settle in your mouth. Then, slowly open your mouth and let the vapor naturally exit your mouth. As the vapor is leaving your mouth, inhale through your nostrils. This successfully performed trick will look something like a backwards waterfall, hence the name!


If you are interested in any of these tricks, the best way to successfully complete them is through practice. To practice, you’ll need a vape of your own. There are many different types of vape on the market, however, Elevaré smart rigs are ideal if you want to vape in style. The smart rig has rechargeable batteries, is portable, and is instantly heated. Many times a trick can only be as good as how much vapor is pulled. If your vape pen won’t heat your e-juice efficiently, you won’t get the vapor you need to complete your cool new vape tricks. If you are looking for a new, elegant way to vape, our smart rig is perfect for you! Visit us online to learn more about our product and see if it could fit your lifestyle. Contact Elevaré today!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series, as we will discuss more unique vape tricks to try out!