In the early 2000’s, the modern vape industry was still in its infancy. It’s not hard to see some of the major flaws with a lot of vaping products on the market. They take a lot of time to heat up, create unpleasant tastes, and can even be dangerous to use. In this blog, we’re going to talk a little bit about our revolutionary new vaporizer, the Elevaré Saber and how it stands out from the industry’s current standard for desktop and portable vaporizers.


It’s safe

As the vape industry grows at an uncontrollable pace, innovators often forget to focus on the most important aspect of vaping: safety. Having a great portable or desktop vaporizer means nothing if it’s not safe to use! Many companies in the industry have attempted to get away with using the cheapest materials in their vaporizers like low-grade metals that could be a health hazard to you.


Most of the safety concerns with modern vaporizers have to do with the way the heating element operates. Naturally, this is the most important aspect to having a functioning vaporizer, and if the adequate, high-quality materials aren’t being used, you’ll be at risk. Additionally, buying a vaporizer from a disreputable brand will increase your chances of receiving a product that doesn’t contain high-quality materials necessary for a safe vaping experience.


With the Elevaré Saber, we’re introducing a laser-heated vaporizer that’s safer to use than a standard heating coil element that is used in most vaporizers on the market. Additionally, we installed a heat shield with an interlock over the beam to further increase the safety of our product.


It’s simple

With the Elevaré Saber, you’ll be spending a lot less time fidgeting with heating coils or metal chambers and more time enjoying smooth and tasty hits. Our vaporizer is laser-heated and ensures no delay in heat up time as opposed to other vapes on the market. It’s a hybrid device that lets you enjoy both vape concentrates and herbal smoking blends like mullen.


The Saber is ideal for social gatherings because it has a built-in water filtration tank, is easy to share with our 3 ft. pipe, and can be easily reloaded through six different replaceable filling chambers. The Saber also has a sleek design that looks great on a dining room table and the compact form allows it to be stored just about anywhere.


It’s consumer-friendly

Unlike tabletop vaporizers and vape pens, the Elevaré Saber is adaptable to your needs. With traditional tabletop vaporizers, you don’t have the option of moving it wherever you want making it a poor choice for someone who’s on the go frequently. On the other hand, vape pens allow plenty of portability, but you’ll be spending a lot of time and money replacing atomizers that deteriorate. Not only is this time-consuming and expensive, but the deterioration will create an unpleasant flavor with each hit.


The Elevaré Saber was designed with the consumer in mind. By throwing out the conventional methods of heating, we’ve created a powerful laser heating method that instantly heats your substance and is non-corrosive so you’ll enjoy every sip throughout the entire life of your product with no hassle!


After you place the desired material into the chamber, reattach the shield and the interlocks will engage. The device is ready to fire, so simply hit the button located on top of the unit.


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