The Types of Vapes

Vapes come in many different shapes and sizes. Today, vapes can range in wide variety of vaping products.Vape shops will often carry multiple types of vapes, from pens to smart rigs. Depending on how you like to vape will determine what kind of product you will buy. If you are a vape user that likes vaping for tricks, you will want a well-built rig or pen. However, if you like to vape socially and with extra strength, you will want a more developed vaporizer. Not only how you vape, but what you vape, will also determine what kind of vape products you prefer. In this blog, we will discuss different types of vapes and the common anatomy of vape devices.

Classic Vape Pens

Vape pens are the most common way to vape. Because they are small and portable, they can be a great vape device for casual use. Vape pens have branched into many different versions, ranging in power, battery, and size. If you are looking for a small vape pen, JUUL pens are very popular among vape sellers. Pens can be a great choice for first-time vape users. Pens are wonderful for tricks and are easily chargeable. With most pen kits, your pen comes with a USB charger that can be easily plugged into your desktop computer. High-quality desktop vaporizers are very desirable today, especially for students. Pens are a great way to socialize and fill your time. Pens can vary greatly depending on the e-liquid they vaporize. Underage students can vape flavors such as cotton-candy and bubblegum, whereas adults can vape nicotine and pure THC.

Vape Mods

If you are looking for a more powerful, long-lasting vape, vape mods are ideal. Vape mods are very similar to vape pens, but vary in small ways. For one, vape mods can store more than one battery, and their batteries tend to be stronger in terms of their power current. Vape mods themselves can range from basic vaping to a more sophisticated style of vaping, such as temperature controlled vaping, called TC Mods. Temperature controls are a great feature on high-quality vape mods because they control the heat of the vape coil (we will discuss the coil further in this blog). In a vape, temperature not only affects the coil’s performance, the way the e-juice vaporizes. Some substances, such as THC needs specific temperature in order to taste correctly. For example, if THC is vaped at too high of a setting, it can start tasting like popcorn. The came temperature controls can be said for other vape substances, as regular e- liquids, or e-juices.



Concentrated Vaporizers

Concentrated vaporizers are bigger and have wildly different price tags than vape mods and pens. Typically, concentrated vapes can run in the $100 price range and are not as portable as other vape products. Though concentrated vapes are better working and come with a wide-range of features, they are better for at-home uses. Large vaporizers have the ability to produce large amounts of vapor, which is ideal if you like to perform vape tricks. Larger rigs also are better in terms of flavor.
Part of what makes this type of vape so powerful is that it can store three replaceable coil atomizers that can heat the e-juice almost instantly.


Quick-heating vaporizers are largely popular in the vape market because they can produce the maximum amount of vapor and provide the best flavor. Fast-heating vaporizers are also an ideal form of vaping, because they can come equipped with chill-technology. Water-chilled vaporizers are positively rated because they provide the user with a smooth vaping experience. For example, laser-heated vaporizers are extremely rare and heat the vape almost instantly. However, when a vape heats up— any vape — it can become dangerously hot. That is why temperature and water-chilled features on vapes not only add value to the vape, but safety. When the vapor is chilled, the user can easily pull vapor and comfortably release it into the air.

Though vapes vary greatly in terms of style and power, ultimately they are all constructed very similarly.

Anatomy of a Vape

The anatomy of modern vape devices is a lot more simplistic than you would think. In fact, a vape is only comprised of a few pieces that work together to produce the vapor.



Vape Tank

The vape tank is one of the most important pieces of a vape, as it is the location where the vapor is made, the e-juice stores, and what the user can visually see. A vape tank is a little more complicated than the vape itself, as it is constructed by many different parts. In a vape tank, the user can see the glass housing for the e-liquid and the coil head. The tank is connected to the main body of the vape by a 510 connector. The connector is responsible for transferring power to the tank. The chimney is connected to the coil head and is responsible for transporting the vapor from the coil to the drip tip. The drip tip is where you can insert the e-juice, as well as use as a mouthpiece.
When it comes to vapes, you never want to pull too hard or overfill your tank with e-juice. Flooding can occur in the chamber that can lead to extensive damage. Typically flooding occurs with pens, as the tanks are often very small.


Atomizers, sometimes called cartomizers or clearomizers, are heating elements built-into the vape. The atomizers are responsible for converting the e-liquid into tiny airborne droplets, or vapor. The more atomizers in a vaping rig, the stronger the vape and the more vapor will be produced. However, vapes with more than one atomizer can be expensive. Atomizers range in size and are extremely valuable to the process of vaping.


Depending on the types of vape, some can automatically turn on when the user is inhaling through the mouthpiece. In most low-cost pens, the coil is only heated when a user inhales. However, because of this, the coil can be inconsistently heated, which can affect the amount of vapor a user can pull at one time. In concentrated vapes or vape rigs, you can have the ability to turn on the vape and preheat the coil.

The Battery

Batteries can vary depending on the type of vape being used. For example, vape pens and vape mods are widely different in terms of batteries. Both use specialized types of batteries in order to provide a stronger amount of current. Vape can differ depending if the batteries can be rechargeable or not. Most high-quality pens will have rechargeable batteries, as well as all smart rigs.