The world we live in today, is ever changing. Our cars are cleaner, the internet is becoming more and more accessible, and more people all over the world are connected than ever before. With this beautiful connection, people are able to spread their ideas and experiences on just about any topic anyone could think of. Here at ELEVARE, we look to educate the world on the benefits of cannabis and to destigmatize the plant. For those of you who are not familiar with the affects of cannabis or for those of you who are just seeking more information on the plants and what it can do, here is a short list of all things we as people can benefit from cannabis:

  • The two primary cannabinoids in cannabis are THC and CBD. They are both cancer killers. These molecules are not only being used to treat cancer, but they are used to kill cancer. Research in Spain suggests that THC kills cancerous cells without harming healthy cells. The discovery came from lab mice designed with cells extracted from two patients with highly aggressive forms of brain cancer.

  • Hemp is a strain of cannabis that has an unlimited amount of uses. Although hemp does derive from Cannabis Sativa, it does not contain the THC content to get someone “high.” Hemp is one the first plants to be used and spun into fibers approximately 10,000 years ago. It can be easily refined into many products that we use at home today. From toilet paper to cardboard. From plastics to fuel. The commercial value of hemp is endless thanks to how quickly it can be harvested.

  • The legalization for cannabis use across the board would significantly impact not just the economy, but the black market and cannabis related crime. Within a one-year legalization period in Washington State, low-level cannabis offenses went down 98% for adults 21 and older. All cannabis related law-violations went down 63% and convictions have gone down 81%. Traffic fatalities remained the same, evidence that with clear regulation, like with alcohol, cannabis use does not directly affect the likeliness of a traffic accident. Washington State was able to collect $83 million dollars in tax revenue and have since used the money to fund substance abuse prevention and treatment programs, youth and adult drug education, community healthcare services, and academic research and evaluation on the effects of cannabis legalization in the state.

  • Studies show that cannabis can be used to treat seizure patients, patients with chronic pain problems, and even multiple-sclerosis. Since the plant is still a schedule-1 drug, there is not an efficient amount of empirical data to confirm these claims, but stories and youtube video are posted everyday about how people have benefitted medicinally from the plant. A study published in 2007 by a team at McGill University showed the low doses of cannabis use could work like an antidepressant by increasing your brain’s release of serotonin. This would be called micro-dosing. There are studies that show a higher likeliness of depression in users, but the relation is more likely that depressed people are more likely to be users. There is not enough evidence to state that cannabis causes depression.

  • 5.54% of arrests every year in the U.S. are cannabis related. With approximately $193 billion in annual criminal justice expenditures, the U.S. could save $10.7 billion a year with the decriminalization and or the completely regulatory legalization of the plant. Economist Stephen Easton and several other with Nobel Laureats, have estimated the U.S. can bring in $45 – $100 billion a year. In 2011 alone, Oakland, California brought in $1.4 million in taxes. 3% of the fiscal year’s business tax revenue. California, being one of the first states to legalize medical cannabis, brings in approximately $700 million to $1.3 billion a year.

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