Vaping has been around for longer than you might think. The idea for the e-cigarette was dreamed up clear back in 1927, but the modern vaporizer didn’t really hit the market until the early 2000’s. Since then, it’s grown into a billion-dollar industry with millions of people choosing vaping over traditional cigarettes. Since vaping has really only been around for fewer than two decades, most vaping products are relatively new to the market. There are new products hitting the market every day, but most of them are just simple twists on the same vaporizers that were introduced in the beginning. If you are using a traditional vaporizer, then you know they are far from perfect. There are a number of problems with a lot of the vaporizers on the market today which can make them difficult and frustrating to use. It was time for some innovation in the market that improved on the products vaping fans are using, eliminating the issues and bringing a better experience to customers. That’s why Elevaré is working to correct those common issues and develop a vaporizer that you’d be thrilled to own.

Let’s look at some of the common problems people are experiencing with vaporizers on the market today and how our Elevaré Saber is working to correct them.

What Do You Hate About Your Vaporizer?

They take too long to heat up.

Vaping is great. Waiting to vape is not. One of the worst things about vaping is waiting for the mechanism inside to heat up enough that you can use it. If you vape too soon, you won’t get a good cloud and the taste won’t be as rich and full. That’s why we made our vaporizer instantly heat up. When you are ready to vape, it’s ready to deliver. The secret because our instant-heat technology is a laser instead of a heating coil. The laser instantly provides the necessary heat to ensure you get the perfect puff the first time and every time. Plus, it’s more reliable than a heating coil, which can be prone to breaking especially if your vaporizer is dropped.

They can leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Vaping can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Sometimes that’s due to a bad juice, but more often, it’s the vaporizers fault. There are a lot of parts inside of a traditional vaporizer and most of them are metal. That can cause issues with the taste of your vape. First, if a part starts to burn out (and that’s common), it can make the juice start to taste burnt as well. The most common culprit is the coil itself, which will need to be replaced. This can make vaping less fun and a lot more expensive if you are finding yourself replacing those coils more often. We use a non-corrosive heat source in our vaporizer to eliminate this hassle. This means you get smoother, cleaner hits. We took it a step further, too, by making our vaporizer water filtered for a chilled taste. That way you are tasing the flavors of your juice instead of the flavors of the metallic pieces inside.

They can sometimes be dangerous.

We’ve all seen stories on the news about vaporizers exploding, putting users and those nearby at risk. It’s a scary thought that something you are using often and potentially even holding in your hand could go off like that. A lot of these major malfunctions can be attributed to cheap mechanical parts. We worked hard on the Elevaré Saber to ensure it was as safe to use as possible. First, we worked to eliminate any unnecessary mechanical parts, as these are what pose the most risk for malfunction and error. We did this by using a laser instead of the traditional pieces you’ll find in other vaporizers. Next, we ensured that all of the parts we did use in the vape were as high quality as possible. Our team worked hard to source quality pieces at fair prices without ever sacrificing safety for cost. You’ll be able to use our vaporizer with confidence that we’ve done everything we can to make it as safe as possible.

Ready to Invest in a quality Vaping Product?

If you love to vape, it’s time to invest in a vaporizer that you’ll love to use. Elevaré will soon be available as an investment opportunity on IndieGoGo. This is a crowdsourcing platform where you’ll be able to be an early investor in our product in return for early access to our Saber vaporizer. We’ll be having contests and giveaways as our campaign launches and we want you to be a part of the fun! Simply head over to our website and sign up with Elevaré. We’ll add you to our mailing list so you are sure to get all of the information about our campaign. Signing up is a great way to be informed about the launch, too, so you can be one of the first to invest and can opt for the package that’s right for you.

Have questions about Elevaré or our vaporizing products? Check out our website for more information or contact our team through our website. We’re always happy to get back to you with answers about our product so you can prepare to invest in our IndieGoGo campaign. We’ve poured our team, energy, and talents into our product and we’re confident that you are going to love it!