If you’re an experienced vape user, you already know the various benefits that using a vaporizer has over smoking, but do your friends and family? If they don’t, it might be worthwhile to turn them on to vaping. Vaping can provide someone with the same satisfaction as smoking, without all of the negative health risks, so why haven’t you told them yet?

At Elevaré Vapors, we are all about cutting cigarettes out of people’s lives, but we aren’t saying that they have to be miserable while they quit. At Elevaré Vapors, we have created an innovative fast heating vaporizer that is bound to shake the foundation of the vaping industry, but that is not all that we have set out to do. Something that we want to do at Elevaré Vapors is creating a community with our brand that is dedicated to safe vaping and peoples transition from the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes to smooth and clean vaporizer hits.

If your friends and family are still stuck in the past and smoke cigarettes, it might just be time to help them transition to the clean future of vaping. In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about a couple of ways that you can convince your friends and family to make the switch to safety!

2 Steps To Convince Them To Make The Switch

Gift Them A Quick Heating Vaporizer

Some of the most common things that you will hear from a cigarette smoker when you try to convince them to switch to vaping are, “It’s too expensive and I really don’t want to spend the money on a vaporizer right now,” or “they take too long to heat up, when I get my cravings I need something right away.” While we understand their concerns here at Elevaré Vapors, we have a way to bypass their stubbornness that you should try. Buy them a vaporizer.

Buying a friend or a family member a vaporizer like the Elevaré Saber is a fantastic way to bypass your friend or family’s stubbornness for two reasons. The first way that this action is effective is that it takes away their excuse that they just don’t want to spend the money because we all know that it was just a tactic that they used to end the conversation. Second, vaporizers don’t take that long to heat up, especially if you have the Elevaré Saber and its innovative laser heating system.

Checkmate, friends and family. Hopefully, they will remember to thank you.

Let Them Borrow Yours For A Week

This tactic is a little more devious than the last, but nonetheless, we think it will work. Loan your friend or family your quick heating vaporizer for a week. During the week that they use your vaporizer, a couple of things are bound to happen. First, they will suddenly notice the accruing amount of money in their wallet. It may be weird to them at first, but we think that eventually, they will understand that it’s because they are spending far less more money than they were when they smoked cigarettes. Second, they will start to realize that they aren’t as dependant on cigarettes as they once thought that they were.

Here comes the fun part, step three, take your vaporizer back. Now, they may resist at first, but hold out as long as you can until you can savor that ever-so-satisfying “I told you so” moment.

Stay Cigarette Free With Elevaré Vapors

At Elevaré Vapors, we are proud to create a product that is a safer alternative to cigarettes. We are currently crowdfunding to produce our innovative high-quality desktop vaporizers at a faster pace so that more people can enjoy a cigarette-free life with the Elevaré Saber. If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliates, shoot us a message and let us know. Let’s shake up the vaporizer game together.

And as always, Elevate yourself, Elevate your surroundings, Elevate society.