Vaporizers have been around in one form or another since the ancient Egyptian times. While obviously, the vaping techniques of the past were more archaic and modern day, the Egyptians can be credited with creating the vaporizer movement.

Here at Elevaré Vapors, we are trying to create a movement ourselves, being the movement of creating a community of efficient and safe vaporizer users. Our proprietary product, the Elevaré Saber, is the groundwork for this community we seek to grow, and with your help, we can build a community of safe vapers. When you hear the word safety you probably wonder things like, “Will it still hit like the vapes I’m used to?”, and the answer is no. The Elevaré Saber won’t hit like the vapes that you’re used to – it will hit better, smoother, and more efficiently than the vapes that you are used to.

At Elevaré Vapors, we are confident that we have developed the most technologically sound vaporizer on the market, but it would be wrong of us to not pay homage to the outdated desktop vaporizers that you know today because they too are better than smoking cigarettes. Our quick heating vaporizer is probably the best vape device that you will ever own, and here are a couple reasons why.

Benefits Of Using An Elevaré Saber

It Eliminates Toxins

The Elevaré Saber is extremely beneficial to health when compared to that of smoking a cigarette. Our high-quality vaporizers release compounds by warming the product with a laser-heating mechanism rather than burning it. By avoiding combustion, harmful toxins like carbon monoxide and burnt particulate matter are eliminated from the users hit. Our desktop vaporizer the Elevaré Saber eliminates harmful products while still giving you that same potent-yet-smooth hit.  

It Isn’t As Bad For Your Lungs

Smoking cigarettes is an extremely bad habit that damages peoples lungs at terrifying rates. Smoking cigarettes also kills close to 500,000 people a year in the U.S. alone.  Quick heating vaporizers like our Elevaré Saber aim to reduce the impact of smoking on the lungs by not actively releasing the compounds in the product, thus causing significantly less damage to the respiratory system. Treat your lungs right, and experience clean vaping with the Elevaré Saber’s smooth vaping hits.

It Tastes Better

Cigarette smoking is an addictive habit that often leads to the user being addicted to the taste and feeling that cigarettes provide. Ironically, smoking cigarettes over an extended period of time leads to the user losing their taste. After enough time even that sweet menthol taste that they once loved may be unattainable. Using a high-quality desktop vaporizer like the Elevaré Saber can reduce the harmful taste damaging toxins that cigarettes release while also letting you re-discover the subtle tones and nuances that you had long since forgotten about. Experience clean vaping with us at Elevaré Vapors.

It’s Extremely Portable

You might be thinking, “Yeah, cigarettes are portable too.”, and you’re not wrong, but wouldn’t you like to vape what you want, wherever you want, while ditching the stench of cigarettes? The Elevaré Saber is in-fact a high-quality desktop vaporizer, and we understand that that title makes it seem like it’s not portable, but it is.  Totaling out at about the size and weight of a large water bottle, the Elevaré Saber is ready to go on the move with you. Vape what you want, wherever you want, because with the Elevaré Saber, you have no limitations.

It’s Relatively Odorless

Cigarettes are notoriously smelly, filling the nostrils of countless people around you, but with our clean vaping technologies, you no longer have to bother the people around you. The stench of cigarettes is caused by the combustion, or burning of the tobacco, producing a strong odor. Our product, the Elevaré Saber uses a laser-heating technology that superheated the product without burning it, giving you that thick hit that you wanted while avoiding the boisterous odor. Lastly, reclaim your scent from cigarettes with the Elevaré Saber. Unlike cigarettes, the Elevaré Saber won’t create annoying odors that soak into your clothes making it hard to get rid of them.  

It’s Cost Effective

One of the most-debated subjects in the last couple years is what is cheaper to buy, cigarettes or vaporizers. While it seems like high-quality desktop vaporizers are more expensive than cigarettes, that is simply just not true over the long term. While a vaporizer is seemingly expensive, it is just an upfront cost, and as soon as you start to smoke it you are saving money. Vaporizers do not use as much product because rather than burning the product, it is simple super-heating it. The Elevaré Saber is a cost-effective and health-saving form of vaping, so what are you waiting for? Ditch the cigarettes.

It’s A Community Not Just A Vaporizer

The Elevaré Saber is not just a simple high-quality desktop vaporizer, it’s an option for smokers that are sick of being unhealthy. It’s a way for people to be able to actively still do what they want with minimized health risks. It’s a way to still get the smooth hits that you desire while not smelling like the stench of Cigarettes.  The Elevaré Saber is our passion project, but we want to give you the opportunity to help us build this community of healthier and more comfortable vapers.

Join Us In Flipping The Game Upside Down!

At Elevaré Vapors it has always been our dream to be at the top of our industry, being the pinnacle of vaporizer technology, and we won’t stop until we get there. With our innovative technology, work ethic, and forward thinking we will succeed at taking Elevaré Vapors as far as we can possibly make it. By investing in Elevaré Vapors, you are becoming a part of our community that is the next best thing in vaporizer technology. Once you invest you can sit back and relax, because we will take care of everything.


If you are interested in the Elevaré Saber and the communities we want to build, join our cause.

And as always, Elevate yourself, Elevate your surroundings, Elevate society.