Vaporizers are taking the world by a storm, and just as when other things assume popularity in a short amount of time, people are bound to get a thing or two mixed up. Due to the growing popularity of vaporizers, we at Elevaré Vapors thought that we might clear a few things up for you. We also know that this isn’t the most exciting topic, so we will sprinkle in a few fun facts throughout the post.


Our Favorite Facts About Vaping

 The 2014 Word Of The Year Was “Vape”

Oxford Dictionary is the host of the annual word of the year announcement, and in November of 2014 the editor, Judy Pearsall explained that they made the decision because of how mainstream that vaping had become in such a short amount of time. Vaping rose to popularity as most things do, with popular people like celebrities using them in public, people noticing, and then people wanting them for themselves. Vaping was very-much-so a topic of popularity before later becoming a topic on the health spectrum.

Although vape was the word of the year in 2014, the Oxford English Dictionary has not yet included vape in its archives.

Cigarette Alternatives Are One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The World

Vaporizers have always appeared to be a successful business venture, but in order to understand just how successful they are, you’d have to keep a close eye on the stock markets. In 2012 vaping racked up a modest 39 million dollars, and that sounds like a lot, but in 2017 the industry reached upwards of 10 billion dollars.

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Vaping Is Well Studied

People often try to discredit vaping and vaporizers by discrediting the research behind them, or claiming that there is not enough research to deem the products safe, but studies show that vaporizers are in-fact better for you than cigarettes. It is currently known that vaporizers contribute less to respiratory issues than cigarettes because vaporizers superheat the contents rather than physically burning the contents. By heating the contents instead of combusting the contents, carbon monoxide and burnt particulate matter are not able to enter the user’s respiratory system.

While yes, high-quality desktop vaporizers are better for your respiratory system, there is some truth to people’s skepticism of the research behind vaping. Since vaping is a relatively new industry, there are no long-term studies that can attest to the long-term health effects of vape use.

Vaporizers Aren’t Illegal

Another thing that we are a little confused about is how they myth that vaporizers are illegal came to fruition. This myth most likely stemmed from the fact that up until a couple years ago, smoking anything other than tobacco was illegal everywhere. Vaporizers got sucked into this categorization because they can be utilized for both smoking tobacco and marijuana. The reason that it is possible to smoke both substances out of a vaporizer is that both substances react to being superheated.

Another reason that people might have thought that vaping with a vaporizer is illegal is that some major cities have bans on smoke-like vapor and cigarette smoke in densely trafficked areas. With vaporizers, it’s hard for people to tell what contents you are vaping, therefore it is usually assumed that its an illegal substance. So be safe out there with your vaporizers, but just know that it is not illegal like some people think.

Vaporizer Technology Is Getting Better And Better

In the last 10 years, vaping has exploded in popularity, and we can’t blame the people for liking it because vaporizers can allow you to have the smooth hits that cigarettes just can’t provide you. Vaporizers also offer a clean vaping experience so that you can smoke it without worrying about your respiratory system’s wellbeing. High-quality vaporizers are showing up in the international marketplace every day as people find new innovative ways to improve vaporizer technology, and that’s something we can get behind.

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And as always, Elevate yourself, Elevate your surroundings, Elevate society.