We know, you probably get asked to invest in startup projects multiple times a day, shrugging it off with the rolling of your eyes. Sure, it can probably get super annoying, but here at Elevaré Vapors, we are asking for something different than most brands. Most brands that are asking for investments have yet to develop and refine their products, but not us, the sleekly designed, and already developed Elevaré saber vaporizer that you see in our image gallery is the one that you will get when we roll out our full production.

At Elevaré Vapors, we firmly believe that we are not just offering you to join us on a successful business endeavor but we are offering you an important position in a movement that is going to change the vaping industry forever. Join us today and Elevate Yourself, Elevate your surroundings, Elevate Society.

In our blog today we are going to discuss why we think you should become a part of our team and invest in the future of vape technologies.

Our Technology Is Sound

Vaporizers have risen to the pinnacle of their popularity after fist becoming popular close to two decades ago and instead of watching vaporizer technology become stagnant and then drop off in popularity, we at Elevaré Vapors decided to save the industry by introducing something new and exciting. The technology in our Elevaré Saber is specifically tailored to suit your vape smoking experience. You don’t want to wait the standard five seconds for it to heat up? Not a problem. Do you want a perfectly smooth hit that leaves you satisfied? It’s taken care of. You want it to be sleek and designed to be portable? Done.

We have designed our vaporizer to be compact and portable so that you can smoke it in your house, your friends house, the park, or anywhere else that you could possibly desire. Also say goodbye to those nasty hits that leave you coughing up half a lung, because the Elevaré  Saber is a water chilled vaporizer that utilizes its water-filter to keep your hits crisp. Last, but certainly not least, our quick heating vaporizers have a patent-pending laser-heating systems that are both safer and faster than traditional vaporizers.

We have a passion for creating high-quality products and we are looking for affiliates that have values inline with ours. Contact us if you’re interested in turning the vaporizer game upside down with us.

We Aren’t Just Building a Product, We Are Building a Community

At Elevaré  Vapors, we are dedicated to creating a community dedicated to safer smoking. Yes, vaping has become the safer alternative to smoking cigarettes in the last decade, and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the industry that is taking on cigarettes, but we saw an opportunity to make vaping both safer and more efficient. Join our community, let’s work together to build a healthier smoking community.

If you are interested in why vaporizers like our innovative desktop vaporizer are both better for you and more efficient than cigarettes check out our two-part blog 10 Reasons To Ditch The Cigarette For An Elevaré Saber – Part 1, and 10 Reasons To Ditch The Cigarette For An Elevaré Saber – Part 2.

This Is Your Opportunity to Invest in a Small Business Startup

Investing in a small business startup has its perks below is a list of a couple reasons that we think it’s worth it.

  • Small business startups have the opportunity to grow at unprecedented rates. Small companies can grow fast because businesses like ours have the opportunity to be dynamic and diversify where larger organizations could not.
  • There are opportunities for mergers and buyouts in the future. When you have a product as great as ours people are sure to take notice. That being said, we are extremely devoted to the elevated culture, so in the case of mergers or acquisitions, we would have to find like-minded companies.
  • You get a chance to be a part of something bigger. Join us on our journey to create a culture and community centered around our innovative product. Grow with us!

You get to flip the vaporizer game completely upside down. Be a part of history with us.

Join Us

We hope that you’re as excited as our innovative desktop vaporizer as we are. Join us in building a community of elevated individuals that get to experience quickly heated vaporizers that hit harder and smoother than anything that you can buy at your average vapor supply store. Vaping is more than a hobby to use here at Elevaré Vapors–It’s a way of life. We truly believe that our vape is a top-of-the-line product that is not just a vaporizer but is an experience as well. Join us in changing the vaping game forever!

Elevate yourself, Elevate your surroundings, Elevate society

Elevaré Vapors