Cannabis is a topic that is often danced around due to its sensitive and legal nature, but as it becomes legal for recreational consumption in more places, it is becoming a less sensitive topic. Currently, recreational cannabis consumption is legal in Washington (state), Oregon, California, Alaska, Colorado, New York, and  Massachusetts. All 7 states allowing legal cannabis consumption the have opened a huge door for the cannabis industry, and the cannabis industry is taking full advantage of it. In 2016, the cannabis industry raked in a staggering $6.7 billion, making cannabis one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With this unruly amount of money flowing through the industry, people began to take notice, and with the demand for cannabis consumption, people needed better ways to be consumers. The desktop vaporizer was one of these alternative ways to consume cannabis.


The desktop vaporizer was by no means a new technology in 2016, when the cannabis industry skyrocketed, but it did become more popular upon the success of the cannabis industry. To this day vaporizers are extremely popular, but some companies are trying to flip the vaporizer industry upside down.

At Elevaré Vapors, we are one of those companies. We saw an opportunity to design a new vaporizer, known as the Elevaré Saber, in a stagnant industry that was desperate for change. We sought out change, and we believe we have reached our goal with our innovative quick-heating vaporizer.

In our blog post today, we are going to explore the various kinds and applications of vaporizers, and how they are used to consume cannabis.

How Vaporizers Work

Vaporizers act in a non-traditional manner, being that cannabis is usually burned or combusted before inhalation. Instead, vaporizers superheat the cannabis to temperatures over 284 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the cannabis is heated, it releases its active ingredients (cannabinoids) without physically burning the flower. This method is both more effective and healthier than smoking the cannabis because more of the active ingredient is released while not creating the harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and burnt particulate matter, substances created when the flower is burnt.

Vaporizers typically heat the cannabis by utilizing heating coils within the vaporizer. While this has proven to be an effective method, we have created an innovative new way to heat the cannabis in our Elevaré Saber desktop vaporizer. The Elevaré Saber is a new breed of quick-heating vaporizers, utilizing a laser heating element rather than the traditional coil that most vaporizers are known for. Not only does our vaporizer heat up the cannabis faster, but it also ensures a smooth hit with its water-chilled vaporizer base.

Now that you have a rough understanding of how vaporizers work, let’s talk about the basic kinds of vaporizers.

Types of Vaporizers

Pen Vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are small pen-shaped vaporizers that resemble e-cigarettes. Pen vaporizers typically utilize conduction heating systems because of their size and are limited to use for the consumption of extracted cannabinoids that have been sealed in a cartridge. While these pen vaporizers are a cheap and easy way to vape, the cartridges typically cost more than the flower of cannabis, making it more expensive in the long-term. Not to mention that they are easy to lose!

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are growing in popularity, as they can be utilized to consume the flower of cannabis while also being extremely portable. Catching the world by a storm by crossing a pen vaporizer with a desktop vaporizer, the portable vaporizer can still be taken anywhere while also performing efficiently.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers (our personal favorite) are the largest of the three major kinds of vaporizers. Earning their name, the desktop vaporizer is usually restricted to in-home-use, making it a poor choice for someone that is always on the go. Although desktop vaporizers are not extremely mobile, they do however provide qualities like larger bowls and more extravagant heating systems that the mobile varieties cannot. Desktop vaporizers have historically been the most restrictive form of the vaporizer, that is until we flipped the industry upside down.

At Elevaré Vapors, our innovative vape that we named the Elevaré Saber has forever changed the definition of “desktop vaporizer”. The Elevaré Saber’s sleek design offers much more value than aesthetic value, as its slender design can be taken anywhere. Yes, you read that correctly, anywhere!

Not only does the Elevaré Saber combine functional design with mobility, but it also retains all of the functionalities of traditional desktop vaporizers while also leapfrogging them in efficiency. Our mobile desktop vaporizer utilizes laser heating, making it one of the fastest quick-heating vaporizers of this century. If the laser heating system alarms you, don’t worry, because the water-chilled base will ensure that you get those smooth, crisp hits that you’ve been chasing.

So You Want an Elevaré Saber?

With all of the benefits that our Elevaré Saber provides, we aren’t surprised that you want one for yourself. Currently, we are crowdfunding to get our innovative desktop vape on the market, and we are looking for investors. Investing in our proprietary technologies is an awesome opportunity because you will be able to be a part of the next big breakthrough in vaporizer technology, while we do all the work.  

If you are interested in being a part of the next big thing in vape technology, check out our affiliates page and shoot us a message.We look forward to hearing from you.

And as always, Elevate yourself, Elevate your surroundings, Elevate society.