Welcome back to Elevaré’s blog! If you keep up with our blog, you’ll know that last time we talked about several reasons why you should put down your cigarette and start using an Elevaré Saber instead. We talked about everything from the chemicals contained in cigarettes to the classy and sleek appearance of our innovative vaping technology. However, in order to make an educated decision about what’s best for you, it’s always a good idea to consider all your options. This time, we’re going to give you five more reasons you should drop the cigarette for an Elevaré Saber.


1.) Supporting small businesses

Let’s be real here for a minute. Every time you buy a pack of cigarettes at the store or at a gas station, you’re giving money to a large corporation rather than to a small or local business. We’re always told to support small businesses, but what specifically are the benefits of buying from a small business over a corporation?



Often times when you hear about a startup in your community there’s a creative new innovation that comes along with it. That’s because, in order for small and local businesses to survive in a world filled with large, multinational companies, the only way to survive is to sell not just a great product, but an idea. At  Elevaré, we’re so confident in our new  Elevaré Saber, that we’re not afraid to stand up against those large corporations. We do more than just sell a product that we know the market will eat up, we want to move the vaping industry forward by providing you with one of the safest and most efficient vapers on the market.



It’s no surprise that cigarette corporations have a history of deception, but have you notice all the other problems going on behind the scenes? It’s estimated that 40 percent of cigarettes are smoked by people with mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Given that only 25 percent of people in the U.S. fall into this category, you may realize that there’s a serious problem at hand! Additionally, if big tobacco companies know to target people with mental health conditions in order to gain the most profit, what else do they know about us that will get us to invest in something so destructive?


Unlike large corporations, small businesses have no choice but to be transparent and communicative about their products. Reputation is a fragile thing, and without a trust between customers and our business practices, we would have nothing.


Return on investment

Purchasing vape products from a local company create a potential return on investments for you! But how does this happen? Even if the small business you support isn’t based out of your community, your money is likely going to be returned to the small business market and support the U.S. economy as a whole. If you choose to invest in a large corporation, it’s hard to say where that money will go; most corporations are involved on an international level, so it’s safe to say, at least some of the money you spend will go to another country. You can always feel good about supporting startups and small businesses because they belong to people like you—someone who wants to see their community thrive and grow.


2.) It will help you quit smoking

Sure, it sounds like a strange concept using vaping to help you quit smoking; they’re basically the same thing, right? Wrong. In addition to all of the health and economic benefits to choosing vaping over cigarettes that we’ve talked about in these two blogs, there’s a certain stigma attached to cigarette smoking that just won’t go away (and for good reason). Back in the 1950s when cigarette advertisements were legal, not only were cigarette companies deceptive about the health risks of smoking, they resorted to other clichés like sexism and racism in print ads. Cigarette smoking carries this stigma to today and isn’t typically something people want to associate with. Another reason people may not want to associate with smoking is because of relationship issues. As a smoker, it’s more difficult to make friends or be in a relationship due to the smell and general stigma attached to smokers.


3.) You’ll look younger

Contrary to the idea that smoking makes you look younger and cooler, smoking actually does the exact opposite. In fact, before smoking ads were banned in 2001, it was pretty common for people to believe that smoking made you more youthful and reduced aging effects. Time and millions of dollars of research have revealed this to be false. Not only does smoking cause premature wrinkling of the skin, but also affects skin tone, contributes to bad breath, and stains teeth and fingers.


4.) The culture is better

Whereas the cigarette smoking culture has the reputation of being a bunch of stressed out people looking for a release from the mundaneness and stress of everyday life, vaping has nothing of the sort. When you pick up a vaporizer like the Elevaré Saber, you’re a part of a community that is classy and vapes as a hobby, not an addiction.


5.) Technological advancement

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the Elevaré Saber is at the forefront of technological advancement to make vaping a healthier, efficient, and more enjoyable experience for everyone. When you buy a pack of cigarettes, you’re not contributing to technological growth, you’re investing in an outdated product that hasn’t changed much in over a hundred years. Since vaping is a rather new thing, it has a lot of growing to do. Now is the perfect time to hop aboard and be a part of something new and exciting.


Elevaré is on the cutting edge of the latest in vape technology. We created a vaporizer that uses powerful lasers to reduce heat time, ensuring flavorful sips the second you pick up the device. If you’d like to learn more about our product and vision, visit us online.