1. Vaporizers Vs. E-Cigarettes

    Are you a smoker looking for an alternative that isn’t as harmful for your body or has a negative stigma attached to it like regular smoking does? What many smokers don’t realize is that there’s a difference between e-cigs and vaporizers. Although the technology for e-cigs has been present for…Read More

  2. Vape Device Tricks Part 2

    More Vape Tricks In our previous blog, we discussed how to complete vape tricks successfully. What is so wonderful about vapes is that tricks are constantly evolving and changing. Tricks are great because they can be challenging and develop new skills in users. Vapes not only are fun to perform tric…Read More

  3. Anatomy of Your Vape Device

    The Types of Vapes Vapes come in many different shapes and sizes. Today, vapes can range in wide variety of vaping products.Vape shops will often carry multiple types of vapes, from pens to smart rigs. Depending on how you like to vape will determine what kind of product you will buy. If you are a v…Read More

  4. Elevaré Vapors Introduces You To Vaping Cannabis

    Cannabis is a topic that is often danced around due to its sensitive and legal nature, but as it becomes legal for recreational consumption in more places, it is becoming a less sensitive topic. Currently, recreational cannabis consumption is legal in Washington (state), Oregon, California, Alaska, …Read More

  5. Why You Should Turn Your Friends And Family On To Vaping

    If you're an experienced vape user, you already know the various benefits that using a vaporizer has over smoking, but do your friends and family? If they don't, it might be worthwhile to turn them on to vaping. Vaping can provide someone with the same satisfaction as smoking, without all of the neg…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Using a Elevaré Vaporizer

    Vaporizers have been around in one form or another since the ancient Egyptian times. While obviously, the vaping techniques of the past were more archaic and modern day, the Egyptians can be credited with creating the vaporizer movement. Here at Elevaré Vapors, we are trying to create a movement ou…Read More

  7. Fun Facts About Vaping

    Vaporizers are taking the world by a storm, and just as when other things assume popularity in a short amount of time, people are bound to get a thing or two mixed up. Due to the growing popularity of vaporizers, we at Elevaré Vapors thought that we might clear a few things up for you. We also know…Read More

  8. Vape Device Tricks Part 1

    Learning Vape Tricks Vaping has become the new best thing since sliced bread. Or at least, it just seems so. Now more than ever it seems like everyone has a vape. Though the trend started as a way for smokers to stop using cigarettes, vape pens have now adapted into a wide range of different devices…Read More

  9. The Future of Vape Devices

    Vape Products and Innovations Vaping has been around for centuries; though, some may believe it is a fairly new invention. In fact, the roots of vaping can be traced back all the way to the Ancient Egyptians. Though modern-day vaping has roots in the past, today’s style of vaping is a modern trend…Read More